As it turns out, a button works better than a field because its label is
centered both vertically and horizontally.

The issue is defining the size of the rect.  If the table field has the
same content in item 3 of lines 5 to 7, I need to find the rect of those 3
cells combined.  The formattedWidth and height only gives the size of the
content, but I need the visible grid cell dimensions.


On Sep 16, 2016 5:53 PM, "Roger Eller" <> wrote:

> I have a table field with about 10 columns. Some of the cells may contain
> the same data as the cell above and/or below it.  I want to visually
> portray these occurances as a single cell with the text centered within the
> visually larger cell.
> How would you approach this problem?  Would you overlay an opaque field
> whose rectangle is that of the combined cells?
> I need it to scroll too.  Thoughts?  Creative solutions?  No, not gonna
> use Excel.  ;-)
> ~Roger
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