Hi All,

Could you answer a question from a Slashdot Reader?

Yesterday, Slashdot published news about
Apple's contributions for teaching computer
programming among young learners:


When I wrote this:

"Young english learners have the choice of learning Computer
Programming using a Programing Language that closely resemble their
native language: Livecode. It's Open source, Multi-platform (Linux,
Windows, Mac, etc,) and Free for education and non-commercial uses. I
just hope that, someday, people who speak other languages could have
this choice too."

Johannesg answer the following:

"I found the following example on wikipedia:
    repeat ten times
        put "Hello world at" && the long time & return after field 1
        wait 1 second
    end repeat
So what does this magical natural language-based language do? It uses
the same keywords you find in other languages ("repeat", "end
repeat"), it still requires quotes around quoted text, it still uses
weird symbols ("&&" and "&"), and no doubt there are still significant
restrictions on language structure because otherwise it would not be
parseable without ambiguity. In other words, it is like every other
computer language out there, except perhaps slightly more verbose in
places because most other computer languages have done away with
sticking "the" in front of nouns."

Today, I still have a small headache since yesterday night,
so if anyone have time to answer this question from
Johannesg please visit the discussion at:

Thanks in advance!


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