And yes Andy,

I am aware of that enhancement request and on the cc for it, thanks for
pointing it out.

Kind regards

BNig wrote
> Hi Andy, Tom and Brahma,
> thanks for testing.
> "Fold All" works for me all the time but there is known inconsistency in
> variable naming which I corrected and uploaded.
> same instructions as before: unzip and install in Livecoe 8.1.0 stable
> replacing the respective files
> Contents/Tools/Toolset/palettes/script
> editor/behaviors/revseeditorbehavior.livecodescript
> Contents/Tools/Toolset/palettes/script
> editor/behaviors/revsegutterbehavior.livecodescript
> after restart of LC in the Script Editor right-click and "Fold All"
> If any of you could retest "Fold All" that would be very helpful. It is
> difficult to debug if it works :)
> Of course anyone who finds that "Fold All" does not or does work: please
> report this to the list or off list. Thanks
> Kind regards
> Bernd
> AndyP wrote
>> Hi Bernd,
>> Thanks for this.. you may want to look at this enhancement request..
>> <>  
>> On LC 8.1 Win 10, folding individual handlers work great but not fold
>> all.

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