2016-09-17 0:13 GMT+02:00
Dr. Hawkins <doch...@gmail.com>:

I need to catch every instance of
> getVal(a,b,c)
> and change them to
> getVal(a,b,c,dbtr)
> (and similarly to find when called with one or two arguments)
> dbtr is the variable name I want to pass.

​Here is one way to do it.

*on* mouseUp

*put* "getVal\([^)]+(?=\))" into theRegex

*put* "\0,dbtr" into smartReplaceText

*if* sunnyreplace( fld "f1", theRegex, smartReplaceText, outText) *then*

*put* outText into fld "f2"

*end* *if*

*end* mouseUp


​some sample input text in fld "F1" :

get getVal(a)

put getVal(a,b) into z

put getVal(a,b,c) && getVal(a,b,c) into y

and results in fld "f2":

get getVal(a,dbtr)

put getVal(a,b,dbtr) into z

put getVal(a,b,c,dbtr) && getVal(a,b,c,dbtr) into y

Is this what you are looking for?



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