I’m hoping someone can help with this.

I just fired up LiveCode 8.1 this morning to create a new app build for a 
landscape app that has the “cropped” issue in iOS 10. I am getting an error at 
the point that the app gets signed:

codesigning failed with Warning: —resource-rules has been deprecated in Max OS 
X >= 10.10!
[path to my app]: resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not 

I did a little digging and it sounds like, in an Xcode project at least, it’s 
simply a matter of removing the path to the ResourceRules.plist file in the 
project settings. I went and tried doing what I thought would be the equivalent 
in LiveCode and I commented out the lines pertaining to this file in the 
Settings.plist file, but that didn’t do the trick.

Has anyone run into this one? I really need to get this figured out asap. Even 
if it can be solved with a temporary workaround, that’d be great.


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally, Inc.

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