On 9/19/16 3:15 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
I have a .lc script on the server that invokes Jacque Gay’s Zygodact
product to generate license codes, which are then passed on to the
payment processor. This works fine. However when a code is generated,
it would be prudent to keep it in a file which is on the server. So I
want to add a few lines of code to the aforesaid .lc script so that
each code goes into a text file.

That's easy, I do it with all my Zygodact server scripts. The main thing to be aware of is that the text file needs to have read/write permissions. I couldn't generate a file from scratch because of the permission issues (I'm sure there's a way around this, but I didn't know how.) So what I do is create an empty text file on the server and give it read/write permissions (755) manually using Fetch or any other FTP app. I put the file directly in the CGI folder, which is inaccessible to visitors.

After that, just add this handler to your .lc script:

on log pData
  put "myLog.txt" into tFile
  open file tFile for append
  write pData &cr & cr to file tFile
  close file tFile
end log

Then in the main body of the script, collect the data you want to store into a variable and add a "log dataVar" line.

The reason I use open/write/close instead of "put after URL" is because opening a file for append doesn't need to read the whole thing into memory and then write it all back out again. It seems like a better use of resources.

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