I know I'm missing the obvious but I just can't figure out how to get the 
following behaviour with text fields...

1. When the user presses the tab key on the keyboard, the next field is 
selected and the current content of the next field is selected (so any typing 
replaces all the content).

2. If the user uses the mouse to click into a different text field, the current 
content of the next field is selected and behaves just like 1.

What's happening is that I can get 1. to work but every time the user 
mouse-clicks into a different field, that target field gets selected but its 
content is deselected and the I-bar insertion point is placed where the mouse 
click occurred.

So far I've got the following in the card script to provide the same behaviour 
for all the fields on it:

on openField
end openField

on hiliteText
 put the id of the target into tID
 if there is a field id tID then
   select the text of the target
 end if
end hiliteText

Any suggestions please?

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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