Hi Malte,

Many thanks for answering this request! :D

I searched use-livecode mail list after chatrev contest (until
December 2005), and only found a reference to one stack.

In August 2005, you posted a link to this stack: pngvsgif.rev

Looking a 2006 CD backup, I opened your stack but it's a demo about
animating a png.

In your messages, there is a reference to a tutorial and a stack about
using imagesource in text fields.

I will keep looking among my backups but noticed that google is not
indexing correctly anymore the use-livecode archives.

Mike Bonner wrote:
> DId anyone do the "advanced" challenge and
> make a robowars clone?  And if so, is there any
> chance I can have a look at it?

Do you refer to Geoff Canyon's stack: Starbattle?


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