Hi Mike and Keith,

> Am 22.09.2016 um 16:03 schrieb Mike Bonner <bonnm...@gmail.com>:
> Using replacetext, you're probably looking for "<.*>"
> but you might be able to use a field for this..  set the htmltext of the
> field to your source text, Then if you don't want the formatting preserved
> set the text of the field to the text of the field.  One problem with this
> method is that you may end up with javascript left over because it can
> appear between <script> and </script>

you can even (ab)use "the templatefield" for this:
set the htmltext of the templatefield to url("http://your_url/here.html";)
put the text of the templatefield into fld 1 # or a variable
reset the templatefield ## !!

> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 7:34 AM, Keith Clarke <keith.cla...@me.com> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I’m trying to strip out all HTML tags from text in a variable. Replacement
>> of specific tags works fine... replace “<ul>" with empty in tText …but I’m
>> struggling to find (documentation on) a blanket ‘any number of any
>> characters’ wildcard or regex approach...
>> So far I’ve tried "<*>”, “<[*]>”,  “<[.*]>”, "<" & "[.*]" & “>” to no avail
>> Any clues greatly appreciated.
>> Best,
>> Keith..



Klaus Major

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