Hey gang,

I've been going through a customized version of libURL that I've
distributed with the GLX App Framework for years and incorporating the
changes into libURL. Some additions are new features while others are bug
fixes. Some changes have been merged in already and others I'm finishing

Writing bug reports, coming up with tests, and reviewing the code takes a
bit of time and there is one feature that I don't have time to finish up at
the moment. I'm looking for someone to help out with seamless cookie
support. I'm looking for someone who might be able to take what I've done
and finish it up so that it can be included with LiveCode. I wrote enough
code to make it work for my projects back in the day but it needs some work
still before it can be distributed with LiveCode.

Here is the current pull request:


Peter has done an initial review and made some comments. If anyone here
loves a good RFC and wants to update the code to make sure it is compliant
please let me know.

Trevor DeVore
www.screensteps.com    -    www.clarify-it.com
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