Hi All,

Finally, many months after searching for Macintosh Stacks from book:
The Analytical Engine - 2nd Edition, Lagi Pittas found the floppy disk
and posted disk's content on LiveCode forums:

When I opened the compressed zip folder, I noticed that all Macintosh
files are damaged because the Resource Fork split from their Data

The only way to avoid this damage is compressing the folder inside a
Macintosh, using any of these compression utilities: Stuffit, Compact
Pro or Zip It.

Fortunately, Stuffit Expander could open and decompress the file named
!SEA (Data Fork only). This decompressed !SEA file produced a folder
that contains all the stacks. All of them as good as when they where
created 14 years ago. :-D

I have uploaded this file AEMacintoshStacks.zip (2 mb) to my Dropbox
account but looks like a free Dropbox account does not allows anymore
to share files with anyone that have file's link... or maybe simply I
don't know how to set "public access for everyone with a download

If anyone in this mail list want this file: AEMacintoshStacks.zip (2
mb), please write me to send it directly to your email or maybe
someone could post this file on another free file download service.

The compressed zip folder includes 4 files:

1) A png image with a screencapture of the Macintosh desktop, showing
AE Stacks folder contents and stack AE Home.

Other 3 files are the complete stack's folder compressed
2) as stuffit (.sit),
3) as compact pro (.cpt) and
4) as zip it (.zip for Macintosh)

A Mac User that needs these files, could use at least one of these 3
files and decompress the stack's folder in a Mac.

Have a nice weekend!


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