Hello Martin and Bill and other educators,

Actually we have been diligent little elves working away since the hangout
meeting.  Based on research, we have decided to focus on 2 interchange
formats: LTI and xAPI [from TinCan and SCORM].

We would like in the near future to have another online meetup where we can
share our findings and hopefully create a path where everyone can work
together to get to our destination quicker. There was a desire to see this
move forward at the meeting, but most had limited resources to commit.

So, Digital Pomegranate will supply the resources, time and money to script
a LiveCode Import/Export interface to LTI and xAPI based Apps. Richard
suggested the MIT Open Source license model as the best option for the
community and we all fully agreed.  We are currently learning all we can
about the formats, the best way to organize them in LiveCode and how to
translate the API calls to an easy LiveCode syntax. Since we are not
experts and in actuality know little of these APIs, we need 2-3 weeks to
begin to create the middleware.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if ANYONE has a system
which we can run query test on that would help us out greatly.

--Todd, William and the Digital Pomegranate Team
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