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> It took a bit to track this down,, but the command
> SELECT unqKy, ktyp, kywd, usr, tstmp, scr, cmd FROM
> dhdbt_testy_xlvi_______001 WHERE ((tstmp > '2010-01-01 00:00:00.000000-00')
> OR (tstmp IS NULL));
> is yielding
> revdberr,
> That's it; just "revdberr,"


Suppose I use revDataFromQuery with the command,


UPDATE someTable SET someField ='someValue' WHERE otherField>7;

SELECT rats, snails, puppy_dog_tails FROM anotherTable WHERE sex='M';


The first line, update, or any number of UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, etc.
returns "revdberr," as the normal response when successful.

I'm wondering now if that SELECT returning nothing causes no overwrite of
the revdberr, from the final update.  This would explain this response
(maybe this routine is getting called earlier than before, and I just never
had a call with no return (that shouldn't happen, as the UPDATEs themselves
are supposed to get selected as part of the same transaction, but if the
relevant lines are all missing . . .)

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