On 10/13/16 6:17 PM, Curtis Ford wrote:
I've just made a new module for this client with largely the same code;
now LiveCode 8.1 saves the files in Contents > Resources > _MacOS > media.

So the standalone doesn't find the sound files unless I move them
manually after doing 'show contents' in the Finder.

Is this a bug, or should I be setting the path differently now?

Apple now requires all resources to be in a separate folder. Nothing is allowed in the engine folder except the executable. We now have a new specialFolderPath("resources") to access that folder.

Instead of parsing a path from the engine folder, use:

  specialFolderPath("resources") & "/media/" & gMediaPath

Everything in the Copy Files pane of the standalone settings now gets put into specialFolderPath("resources").

In the IDE, the resources folder is the one that contains your mainstack. This is handy because you can keep the same hierarchy in your working folder and the specialFolderPath still works there.

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