the Script kiddies made a mess of a few of my Wordpress sites a couple of
years ago, however WP today has been getting updates almost bi-monthly and
they finally cleaned up the media mess and provided built-in tools for rich
text, media uploads, slideshows (finally) and advanced content formatting
in posts.
I'm very impressed with how solid it is today and the installation couldn't
be easier. One does have to remember that is always going to want to be a
blog, and there are some flows one may have to put together in a php page
one's self.  One can't argue about the resources available for this app.

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 8:42 AM, Richard Gaskin <>

> I subscribe to a few security newsletters (I've found O'Reilly's
> particularly worthwhile), and CVEs against WP seem reasonably rare the
> days, with quickly deployed updates to counter them.  I see CVEs against
> every OS far more regularly.  While there was a spate of PHP issues just
> after the turn of the century, in

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