Hi all. 

I wanted to warn everyone, if you are experiencing unexpected behavior in your 
scripts, try copy/pasting the entire script to a text only script editor, then 
back into the SE and recompiling. (BTW if you GET to recompile, then what you 
are PASTING is decidedly NOT what you originally copied!!!) 

I was getting errors I thought were related to using GLX2, but it turned out 
there was something not visible in the script text. Using the method above it 
completely cleared up the issue. I think the conversion from V6 (not unicode) 
to V8 (unicode capable) did something unintended to the scripts (and datagrids 
too if I am not mistaken). 

I also had issues with certain data grids, and after copy/pasting to a new 
stack, deleting the original along with it's datagrid template, then 
copy/pasting the datagrid back into place, the issue disappeared. This has 
occured with more than one datagrid too. 

Bob S

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