Odd... line 3108 of the revSEEditorBehavior is blank and is in a handler called 
private command selectFromCurrentToLineStart.

I found the scriptFormat in about 10 places in that behavior, and am reticent 
to change any oen of them as I do not know what they would do.

I wonder if you are using a utility that re-sorts your handlers to be 
alphabetic (like glx2 can do)?

Bob S

On Sep 23, 2016, at 19:01 , J. Landman Gay 
<jac...@hyperactivesw.com<mailto:jac...@hyperactivesw.com>> wrote:

Poking around in the SE I found an even simpler solution - replace line
3108 of "revSEEditorBehavior"

     scriptFormat "handler"


     if the shiftKey is "down" then
        scriptFormat "script"
        scriptFormat "handler"
     end if

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