On 10/18/16 2:15 PM, Dr. Hawkins wrote (about the Application Browser):
Is there another way to automatically open it?

It should (but doesn't) work like any other plugin: Open the Plugin Settings (bottom of the Plugins menu item) and select the app browser from the option menu button. Set it to open on startup and open visibly. You may also want to set it to open as a modeless stack instead of a palette. Close the settings.

For most plugins that will set a custom property set on the stack, and LC will execute the choices you've made about how and when the plugin opens.

The App Browser is an exception because it has been saved without write permissions. (It took me a while to figure that out.) I fixed it by going into the Mac app bundle ->Contents/Tools/Plugins and doing a Get Info on the revApplicationOverview file. Set it for read/write permissions. I also had to set the whole Plugins folder to read/write.

After that I was able to set up the plugin normally and my changes were saved.

Quite a while ago I put in a bug report about shipping the App Browser as modeless, because as shipped, it opens as a palette which covers up everything else on the screen.


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