Good News LiveCode Community...

Open Source
We have wrapped the FULL MailChimp and Mandrill API library in LiveCode. It
is over 6,000 lines of code between the two, but we are happy to release
them to the community. We are looking for testers before we release them to
the public. So if you have a desire to help us test, please email me.

We also need Push Notifications for a few of our new Apps. We were going to
create our own server, but we found One Signal [ ] - FREE
Push Notifications Server.

Has anyone used One Signal before? We will start to wrap this API in the
coming weeks. If you have interest in Push Notification and want work with
us, please let me know. Karlan, one of the DP coders who has moved from C#
to LiveCode programing, is taking on the project!



WP REST API & App Analytics
We will be converting the code to the new background internet posting from
tsNet to speed up the usage of the libraries. So new version soon.
Remember, you can never get VC money without proper App Analytics.

Non-Open Source Projects

One line of code to revolutionize your DB Cloud
On the non-open source side. We have just about completed a data sync tool
that will sync your cloud based DB [SQLite, mySQL, msSQL, Oracle] with a
local SQLite DB. Imagine, once you setup the tables on the server. It is
just one line of code to keep all your clients data synced between
thousands of devices. If you are interested, let me know....We are testing

Simple Report Maker
If you are also looking for a simple reporting solution with over 25 chart
types and full "reporting" output functionality, we will be testing by the
end  of November. The cool option is we have a web service that will
convert the report to a PDF and send/email to whomever. All done with very
little coding.

We are busy bees making honey!!


Todd & the DP Team
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