Hi all,

Various tweaks to the standalone builder seem to have broken the way the
savingStandalone message is supposed to work

I have submitted a pull request that fixes it - the only wrinkle might be
that it reintroduces the following bug:
http://quality.livecode.com/show_bug.cgi?id=18364, namely that the
savingStandalone message gets sent for each build platform.

Now, my personal view is that that is how it should work, provided the
stack state is restored before building for the next platform. It allows a
more fine-grained build step where, if we added suitable parameters to the
message, you could for example ensure substacks with platform/architecture
specific resources were not included in the standalones where they are

My question to you is the same as I asked Lyn Teyla in the above report:

Would the following behavior be a problem for your use case, and if so why?

store stack state (*)
repeat for each target architecture
   dispatch saving standalone message
   modify stack for per-arch settings
   deploy stack
   restore to state in (*)
   dispatch standalone saved message
end repeat
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