Hello LiveCode community,

At Digital Pomegranate we are very excited about the update to LiveCode
HTML5. We already have several projects that we plan on using the platform
for. Since our LiveCode team has only a little experience in JavaScript, we
are thinking of creating a LiveCode.js. This will be both a LC substack
that wraps a Javascript function library which would be in a file named

Our thinking is it would have 5+ core functionalities that woul dbe shared
by most HTML5 apps.  I think this would be a great community project and
help people who may not be so familiar with Javascript and can stay focused
on LiceCode.

tsNet has given LiveCode async server communications, the good news is
Javascript has had this functionality for quite some time. We would need a
simple wrapper of the XMLHttpRequest functionality in LiveCode.js, so it
seems seamless in Livecode.

I know LC can call the browser's javascript, but can the JS do a callback
to LiveCode? It would be great if we could do sockets in JS and create a
two way communications system.

RestAPI services
I have seen recent notes about using revIgniter as a REST server, and there
are many other options available. We use mostly WP and the WP RestAPI.

Remote Storage
Mark's LiveCloud is a great option and there are several different options.
As I said, we mostly use WP, but we also use Node.js w/ mongodb. The
LiveCode.js  will just need a simple way of taking XML. JSON or an encoded
array and sending it to the remote storage of choice and returning the

Local Storage
The ability to create and use a local DB within the local browser. My
understanding is that LC HTML5 will not because to utilize the database
library, so we will have to use Javascript localStorage. We just need to
create a controller that will connect LC to create, read and write to the
local DB. Javascript even has a way to store the DB and can be accessed for
the next session.


File Picker & Uploaded
Not use how to do this in HTML5, but we will need a way to select a file
and upload it to a server. We could use an HTML+JS dialog box to do it.


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