I am using my Christmas break to try to teach myself how to use SQLite with 
LiveCode. (Hopefully I will be able to teach my students how to use it also, 
come January.) In this process I ran into a problem, where the script I used 
did not insert a new record to the database as expected. Some records were 
created, others were not, but no errors were reported.

I managed to track it down to the fact that in the instances where it did not 
work, some of the data I wanted to register included the use of the single 
quote character. This resulted in no new records being inserted, but LC did not 
report any errors.

As a single quote may be a valid character in some instances where I intend to 
use SQLite databases, I am now at odds with how to proceed. Does anyone have a 
solution to this problem?   

Tore Nilsen
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