International LiveCode Mini Conference

In the second half of February, an international LiveCode Mini Conference has 
been scheduled. The dates are still to be determined. The conference has been 
planned to take place during the weekends of 18 or 25 February.

While the conference is called a "LiveCode" conference, it should be clear that 
anyone with an interest in rapid application development is invited: database 
admins, Filemaker users, Xojo fans, SuperCard aficionados, and anyone who is 
looking for new ways to be creative with computers.

All information is preliminary. As the date of the conference approaches, we 
will have all information available. 

The conference will consist of one day with multiple sessions. We're planning 
simultaneous workshops and presentations. We're thinking of four times two 
simultaneous sessions of 30 minutes. Afterwards, there will be plenty of 
opportunity to meet with fellow programmers and discuss any topic you like.

The conference will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, to facilitate participation by 
British, French and German people. Obviously, you're also invited if you live 
in a different country.

We're planning to rent a small conference room. Therefore, there will be a 
small fee of approximately 35 euro (including VAT, with invoice).  If you want 
to host a workshop or give a presentation, you'll be eligible for a discount. 
Since fees are small, discounts will be small too. 

Possible topics:
- Getting started with LiveCode
- Advanced LiveCode scripting
- Widgets
- Arduino and Raspberry Pi
- Usage in real life (home and business)
- DBMS (MySQL, PostGreSQL, XML, others)
- FileMaker
- SuperCard
- HyperStudio
- Xojo
- other subjects

You might want to spend one or two nights in a hotel. We'll be happy to help 
you find board and lodgings. The hotel room, drinks, food and other expenses 
will be on your own account.

We would like to know how many people are interested. Please, send a reply 
before Friday 13th if you're interested (you can reply to my personal address, 
in the "reply-to" header, please don't reply to the mailing list). Next 
weekend, all decisions will be made final.

This might be the only edition of this conference! Grab the opportunity and 
make sure you're there! It is going to be special for sure!

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

KvK: 50277553

We have time for new software development projects. Contact me for a quote.

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