while testing my migration to LC 8 and successfully solved the MacToISO
issue, I now encounter that the old LC 6 standalone version of my program
shows all Umlaute corrupted in all LC screens, This affects all buttons and
field, where Umlaute are used. The weired thing is, that this is a program,
which runs since years without any issues with Umlaute. Without having
changed anything, just migrated from OS X 10.11 to MacOS 10.12 all Umlaute
are shown corrupted in LC standalone (nothing with ext. files, PHP or MySQL,
just pure LC), which worked fine up to now.

Is there anything known, that Apple has changed something general, what
would cause such a behavior in LC, or any other idea what to look for?



You glad guys in the US, getting along with just 128 ASCII codes.



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