Sorry to witter on after I’ve asked this list a lot about code signing etc so 
often. The excellent help I’ve had has enabled me to sign both the app I want 
to distribute and its installer - in fact I’ve done this twice, once for the 
Mac version of this app and once for the Windows version.

The intention is to sell the product by offering a download from a web site, 
using FastSpring for the payments, and incorporating Jacque Gay’s Zygodact to 
provide unique activation keys.

All this works fine, except for the Windows download, where Norton, Chrome and 
even Windows 7 all attempt to prevent either the download or the execution of 
the installer. Again with advice from this list, I know where some of the 
problems lie (though not the one with Windows, which reports the installer as 
having an ‘unknown publisher’ but later displays the publisher provided during 
the code signing!).

My question is, what do other people do about this? If you generate a new 
desktop program for Windows and try to sell it as a download, how can you strip 
away all this nonsense for the average purchaser? So far all I can think of 
doing is to issue a warning on the web site that explains what do do if Norton 
‘quarantines’ the program. Even this does not cover all the obstacles in the 
poor purchaser’s way.

Doesn’t this affect everyone trying to offer a new executable download?

[noise of grinding teeth…]

TIA for any further views.

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