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Sample stacks are probably the way to go… with some lightweight "guide on how 
to hink about it. Like Trevor wrote "slice up your UI into rectangle and 
groups… go from there."

Richard wrote:

> A lot of the "flak" I hear about using LC is "but it's not
> responsive, at that so easy with HTML5"   They gloss over the
> depth of javascript skills required to actually program the UI
> to do anything other than look pretty. However easy it may be
> to make a <div class="flexFrame"> and apply a class. The "ease"
> ends there.

Well said.  "Responsive" isn't a technology, but a design decision
(these days, arguably a requirement).  Regardless of the language used,
decisions need to be made, and the expression of those decisions in code
needs to be tested.

Some things are easier in one language than another, and other things
easier in other languages.

But all of them require commitment to providing a good UX, clear
thinking about the layout goals, and good familiarity with whatever
language will be used to express those goals.

> Point: if we had a more robust set of examples, lessons, youTube
> Tutorials on "building responsive UI for LiveCode" it would go
> a long way in helping the product feel that this issue, is a
> non-issue. Right now it is.

Personally, when it comes to programming I prefer textual tutorials, so
I can copy-and-paste code.  But any tutorials folks in our community
want to deliver would be welcome.

Svasti Astu, Be Well

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