8.1.2 Indy with Desktop App

I am using an API that uses the PUT method for some of the calls. JSON is sent 
with server data as JSON. I can’t figure out how to access the returned JSON 
data from the PUT call. I can not effect the API call. It's a commercial SAAS 

Here’s my snippet of code (everything is working with the PUT as far as I can 
tell. The  data in the JSON ends up in the server App where it should). I use 
the all caps PUT for my pea brain to understand this is a HTTP PUT method 
request ;-)

PUT tJsonData into URL tURL

put the result into tResult

put it into tResult2

I would of thought that either the result or it would have the data but both 
are empty. If there is an error, I do see tsneterr in the result. Where do can 
I find the response data?

Thanks in advance,
Bob Hall

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