Hi All,

I’ve been messing with using a variety of fonts in buttons coupled with a round 

It’s handy to set the iconGravity of the button to “center” and have the text 
of the button line up nicely with the icon. However, I’ve noticed that some 
fonts don’t line up in the center of the icon.

I’ve set the textAlign of the button to “center”
I’ve set the iconGravity of the button to “center” 

Is there a way besides using textAlign to adjust only the placement of the text 
of the button separately from the icon? I’m thinking of something like in 
spreadsheet cells that have the left, right, center and top, middle, bottom 

In this case, I’d like to move the text down relative to the button icon… the 
textAlign will move the text left or right without moving the icon. Is there a 
way to move the text down without moving the icon down?

I’ve tried messing with “margins,” but changing those settings moves the text 
and the icon.

I’m using LC 8.1.2
Mac OS 10.11.6

Thanks for any thoughts.

be well,
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