@ Bob (who wrote)

   " Do you suggest that all development and improvement for version 8 and that 
we all wait for certain bugs to be addressed in the next major release? That 
would be unfortunate. Already since the earlier versions of 8, there have been 
marked improvements and bug fixes, such as much faster search times and an 
order of magnitude faster Build times."

Not at all. But for those of us who are

a) making a major move to script only (stacks, libs, behaviors) 
b) struggling with de-bugging on mobile

9 DP5 has us, as Mike says "drooling"

@Richard who wrote: 

"for deployment -- most recent stable…"
"for dev -- most recent build, know current state of engine as pertains to your 

How logical!  thanks… assuming there is no change in file format and stacks are 
backward compatible, that makes good sense.

I have backups everywhere, so I'm off with 9DP5

Congrats to the team at HQ


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