did someone already tested the new mime library, especially the command 

I tried it already and i am having problems to use the command with an 
attachment. My problem is, the attachment is not encoded and not added to the 
encoded message in the IT variable.

This is my sample code i am using for it

on mouseUp
   answer File "file" 
   if it is empty then exit to top
   put it into tFile
   put URL ("Binfile:"&tFile) into tData
   set the itemdelimiter to slash
   put item -1 of tFile into tFileName
   put tFile into tAttachment["filepath"]
   put "tFileName" into tAttachment["name"]
   put tData into tAttachment["data"]
   put "ema...@server.com <mailto:ema...@server.com>" into tTo
   put "ema...@server.com <mailto:ema...@server.com>" into tCc
   put "ema...@server.com <mailto:ema...@server.com>" into tFrom
   put "this is the subject" into tSubject
   put mimeEncodeFieldAsMIMEMultipartDocument(the long id of field 1) into tBody
   mimeEncodeAsMIMEEmail tBody, tFrom, tTo, tCC, tSubject, tAttachment
   put it
   answer the result
end mouseUp

Shouldn´t that work? Or is there an error in it? The Result does not show any 


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