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How difficult would be to guess a sha1 digest, if we repeat it many,
many times? Just as Peter Brett wrote in a previous message:

put sha1Digest(sha1Digest(sha1Digest(tData))) -- 3 times!!!!!

Don't do this. It will make it _easier_ to generate collisions, because each successive iteration loses some information from the input -- i.e. the scheme you suggest _reduces_ security.

When performing repeated hashing, you need to feed the original data in again at each stage. See this Stack Overflow answer for a very detailed explanation: https://stackoverflow.com/a/17396367/266449

The summary is that you need the following formulation to ensure security for repeated hashing:

    put sha1Digest(tData & sha1Digest(tData & sha1Digest(tData)))
    -- etcetera.


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