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is it correct when the standalone settings of an stack are set to
move substacks into individual stack files that under Mac OS X the
substacks in an compiled app (e.g. test.app) are stored

in 'test.app/Contents/Resources/_MacOS/‘ instead of being stored in

Yes, Apple required that change a while ago.

And if this is correct, how do i open them? At the moment my button
script (go stack …) , which works for Windows does not open the
substacks in MacOS X. If i move the substacks manually to
'test.app/Contents/MacOS/' then of course my scripts can open them
w/o modification.

Apple doesn't want anything in the folder except the executable now. The best way to handle the files is to use specialFolderPath("resources") as the directory. That will alway point to the correct location on any OS. On Mac, it specifies the Resources folder (and is a synonym for the engine folder for legacy stacks.) So your path should be:

 specialFolderPath("resources") & "/stackname.livecode"

It will work on Windows too.

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