Hi all. 

Might just be me. I drag drop text onto a field with a dragdrop handler that 
essentially puts the drag data ["text"] into itself. Doing so with 8.1.3 seems 
to cause the window to become unresponsive, that is none of the controls work. 
I cannot click in fields, tab around, click buttons etc. However if I navigate 
to another window, and then back again it becomes responsive. Also, if I move 
the window with the title bar, it becomes responsive again. Finally, if I exit 
to top at the end of the dragdrop handler, THAT makes the window responsive. 
It's as though the dragdrop message is still in effect in limbo somewhere. 

This seems to be a somewhat recent development. That is, I don't think it has 
always been this way. Particularly in 8.0.x and prior, but I could not pin it 
down to a minor version. 

Bob S

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