I was having difficulty with a stack and deleted all the stack files in the 
list and put empty into cRevStandaloneSettings

and started fresh.

Now I am getting "invalid entitlements" when trying to install on my iPhone.

I did have a new user and I added their UDID, cleaned up all my old profiles 
and certs, current certificate is valid until Oct 2017, I disabled 
"inter-app-audio" in the app ID services and rebuilt the provisioning profile.

Still no go on attempting to put on my phone… SA builder runs fine… xCode is 
giving me the old message:

The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.
The entitlements specified… …invalid … not permitted…
do not match those specified in your Provision profile.

I was very careful to take a snap shot of my SA setting before wiping them.

All I can think of is perhaps there is some inclusion that I turned on that is 
causing the issue? It was the first time I saw inter-app-audio on in the Apple 
developer portal, for the services for my app ID… Perhaps it was there before 
as I have not had to go in for months… but I'm not seeing that in the 
info.plist anywhere. So I don't think it is an issue, unless xCode retains a 
memory/cache of a previous provisioning profile? I did go through xCode 
perferences, user agent, and made sure everything was refreshed there with one 
and only one latest cert and profile active.

If you have check an inclusion that only applies to desktop ("Database") could 
that cause it?

I set the SA to auto detect for necessary inclusions, but that takes a loooong 

Mac Sierra
xCode 8.2.1
LC 9dp5

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