Hi All,

I’m working an app to facilitate the development of student class schedules.

Right now there are three items for each course that I’d like to sort in 
various ways: CourseName, Time, Days. The information is placed in that order 
in a field for display.

It’s easy to sort on any one of the items. For example….
sort lines of field "FIRSTyear_FALL" by item 1 of each

sort lines of field "FIRSTyear_FALL" dateTime by item 2 of each

sort lines of field "FIRSTyear_FALL" by item 3 of each

But I can’t figure out how to sort first on item 3, Days and then by item 2, 
Time. My goal is sort by matching Days and then by time in ascending order. The 
courses meeting on the same day would be grouped together by time earliest to 
latest. A sort does take place, but it’s text. I’ve not figured out how/where 
to place the dateTime sortType when combining a sort on item 3 and item 2. 

Here’s the basic line of script… where does “dateTime” go? I’ve tried placing 
it in all the points of the line that I can think of….
sort lines of field "FIRSTyear_FALL" by item 3 of each & item 2 of each

The dictionary under “Sort Container” suggests what I want to do is possible:
The sort container command is a stable sort. This means that if the sortKey for 
two items or lines is the same, sorting does not change their order, so you can 
do two successive sorts to create subcategories within the major sort 
Tip: To create a custom sort order, use the each keyword to pass each line or 
item to a custom function. The value returned by the function is used as the 
sort key for that line or item. It is not currently possible to debug custom 
sort functions, and doing so could make the IDE unstable. It is recommended to 
use logging messages instead.
The information in the “LiveCode Resource Center” doesn’t include an example of 
sorting on two criteria.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share.

be well,

Randy Hengst
www.classroomFocusedSoftware.com <http://www.classroomfocusedsoftware.com/>
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