This might be an older issue. I have been struggling with that myself, in context of producing PDFs, in version 7. Only printing the full card works reliably. Any other option produces a different output but not the desired one, at least not reliably.

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LC 8.1.4, Win 10. (Same with LC 6-9) When printing a whole card with just "print card" everything of the card is being printed fine, only stretched to
the papersize.

But when trying to print only a part of the  card by "print card from
myLeftTop to myRightBottom into page Rect" I never get the wanted rectangle being printed into the pageRect. It is always clipped somewhere and only a small part of the wanted rectangle is being printed. I have also tried to set the printpapersize and printmargins and fiddled around with different
rectangle sizes, but didn't got the wanted section.

Are there any secret conversion factors, when printing "from to"?

Thanks for any hint


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