>>> Richard G. wrote (in the 'vertical-text'-thread):
>>> On disk the Linux build of CEF takes up 135 MBs, and like any
>>> browser I would imagine it more than doubles RAM requirements
>>> for an app using it.
>> hh wrote:
>> I would even give a full Gigabyte of RAM if this could make the
>> browser widget work on linux ...
> Richard G. wrote:
> had pretty good luck on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit - what's your setup?

Richard, I moved this to a new thread, fitting more the subject. Hope
it is OK for you. Thanks that you came in.

After your report I was full of hope that the three years old ubuntu
14.04.5 and LC 8.1.3 or 8.1.4-rc1 would yield a fully functional
browser widget. Installed in a fresh setup Ubuntu 14.04.5 and fresh
LC 8.1.3/8.1.4-rc1/9.0.0.-dp6 (all 'for this user only').

Running 8.1.3-64bit it is better than the others tested below in that
it _randomly_ works correct and doesn't show bug 3 below (yes, bugs 1
2 too). If not working it instead creates several additional processes
And it  creates with every startup fresh preferences, declaring the old
one as corrupt. Running 8.1.3 on Ubuntu 14.04.5-32bit is the same as
described below.

Within the last two weeks I tested the following, on real hardware
(additionally some on on virtualBox):
*Latest LTS* of Ubuntu (also Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint), Debian, Fedora.

In sum 10 trials (6 on 64bit, 4 on 32bit). All OSes are running without
problems. LC 8.1.3, 8.1.4-rc1, 9.0.0-dp6 runs and works using LC Script.

****** But I had _NO_SUCCESS_ in these 10 trials with a browser widget.
****** I wonder if anybody ever tested the _full_ functionality of the
****** browser widget on a newer LTS linux flavour.

Full functionality means that you can *do* javascript in the browser.
You can't even come into a state to test that: These severe 'bugs'
are common to _all_ my trials (incl. on Ubuntu 16.04.2):

Bug 1: Open a new stack, drag a browser widget symbol from "Tools".
The widget portion of "Tools" disappears. Mostly LC hangs after that,
you need the system monitor or a terminal to kill it.

Bug 2: Open a new stack, create a browser widget by LC-menu or script.
Try to open the property inspector. No reaction.
Try to quit LC. The "something-dialog" burns onto your screen. LC hangs
after that ... (as above).

Bug 3: Open a stack with an included widget that runs on Mac and Win on
all systems that run LC 8/9 (for example: "Browser widget on linux
or "Sample stacks/Browser widget image manipulator" or "Sample stacks/
At latest after the second load LC hangs, you need the system monitor
or a terminal to kill it and it's "something-dialog".

I'm deeply disappointed about these extreme results, especially because
we know  that several members of the core team also use linux on their
own machines.

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