Hi All,

I’ve just received an email from apple that indicated a plist problem:
”We are reaching out to you because we were unable to process your latest build 
uploads due to bad binaries. Specifically, your plists had an empty 
perBinaryResults key"

When I open the plist from the build, I don’t see any key named 

The apps referenced in the email were approved (processed) without issue 5 and 
6 weeks ago. I have no idea what they message is referring to. As of right now, 
I don’t have any idea what to even ask apple… nor, how to fix the issue.

My only “new” thing was to add a font … first time I’ve done so and I included 
the font with all of the apps listed in the email from apple.

I didn’t make note as to whether I used LC 8.1.0 or 8.1.2 to build the app for 

Thanks for any thoughts you can share.

be well,

Randy Hengst

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