I have a return-delimited list. Each line of this list consists of [some text] 
& tab & [other text]. I want to see all the lines of the list for which [some 
text] contains Character String X. This is obviously a job for the filter 
command, right? So I try this:

filter lines of MyList with ("*" & CharStringX & "*" & tab)

The result I'm expecting is, a list which contains every line of MyList in 
which the [some text] bit contains CharStringX.

The result I get is, a "list" which contains zero lines.

Have tried various alternate forms of the line, including…

filter lines of MyList with ("*" & CharStringX & "*" & numToChar (9))
filter lines of MyList with wildcard pattern ("*" & CharStringX & "*" & tab)
filter lines of MyList matching wildcard pattern ("*" & CharStringX & "*" & tab)

…all of which yield the same results as the original line.

Would appreciate a sanity check: Am I missing some necessary part of the filter 
syntax? Does the filter command even know what to do with the constant "tab"? 
How *does* one filter for a pattern that includes a tab?

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