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A slightly unusual post from me today. For those of you that don¹t know,
LiveCode has been working in partnership with a new company as a joint
venture, to build an app to help manage information. We have built a system
that uses artificial intelligence techniques to help organize, sort and work
with documents. While this is an entirely separate company, the app has been
built in LiveCode (and utilizes a wide range of other technologies too).

Kognition is intended to help you manage the increasing volumes of
information that you create or receive, as well as being a tool to help
researchers conduct research or businesses to collect and analyze
information such as customer enquiries or bug reports. It presents an
artificially intelligent front-end that lets you relate documents together,
as well as organize, cluster and discover information in the relationships.
For example, if you are working on a project and receive an email with an
attachment, it can show you what other documents on your hard drive relate
to that attachment or are relevant to the project. If you have a customer
enquiry asking for a particular feature you can explore all the other
questions to find out how many others are asking about similar topics. The
system goes far beyond simple keyword analysis, for example it can relate
documents together that do not have the same words in them.

Today we have our very first beta available. Its a private beta, so if you
are interested in trying it out please drop me a note off list. Please
include a very short description of your company or you together with what
you might potentially use the system for. The first beta is Mac only and
requires a recent, high-end machine. Subsequent betas will extend to other
platforms and reduce system requirements. If you don¹t have a high end Mac
available today but are still interested, let me know and I can still send
you the videos to look at and include you in subsequent betas. Thanks in
advance for your interest.

Kind regards,


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