Hi Richard, :D

Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Your headache won't end
> until your RAM chips arrive. :)\

Thankfully, a small cup of coffee with half lemon
reduced the headache to a minimum of discomfort.
It's there, the headache is still there but in a
second or third plane... :D

> I like DIY solutions that don't require waiting for
> the engine team, but I wonder how smoothly performant
> this would feel in actual use?
> On modern high-end phones those bitmaps will be pretty big.

Good point, but the engine team would do something
very similar but at a lower level. Right?

Does LiveCode always creates 32 bit images,
{24 bit for RGB image plus 8 bits for Alpha channel]
even when you are displaying a 4 bit PNG?
If these images had a lower bit count (like 4 or 8)
memory requirements were much lower. Much lower.
Look these PNGs displayed at 1, 2, 4, 8 and 32 bits.

By the way, now that I think about it, ink effects
adds a nice touch for displaying the previous
and next card images :)

About big images in mobile devices, previously I though
that in iOS and Android every current app could use
all resources of the device (all memory, all processors)
while other running apps started to "sleep" until
the user starts using them again.

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