Does anyone know the proper configuration for building an Android standalone on 
a Mac?  When I build the app, I get this:

“There was an error while saving the standalone application could not encode 
class bundle”

I followed the directions from this page (updated just a week ago):

But, I still get the same error.  The instructions say to get and install the 
latest versions of both Android SDK and Java SDK.  The instructions then go on 
to say that you can’t use the latest version of the Android SDK Tools, you have 
to use version 24.4.1.  This version is not available in Android Studio nor is 
it posted (that I could find) on the android website.  I did eventually find 
and download it.  But, what do you do with it?  After unzipping in, you have a 
new “Tools” folder.  I replaced the existing Tools folder at 
/Users/myComputer/Library/Android/sdk/ and restarted. But, that didn’t seem to 
solve anything.  Now LiveCode no longer recognizes the “android-sdk-mac_x86” 
folder as a valid Android SDK.  UG!  This will be day 3 trying to get an 
Android App Built!

MacOSX 10.12.2
LiveCode 8.1.3
Android SKD Manager – Revision 24.4.1
Java Version 8 Update 111

ANY assistance or knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated!


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