I just discovered something fascinating.

Stack "Gems" is in the stack files but closed, in fact all stacks in this 
modular frame work are set to destroy window and stack on close.

-- look at project browser: confirmed… stack Is *not* open

Stack "gems" has this in it's stack script:

on journalResume
-- see close card to look at values passed to the dbase that are returned here
-- triggered from model_SivaSivaJournal with
-- dispatch "journalresume" to stack tEntryA["module"] with tDataA, tEntryA
answer "Got the Resume Message" with "OK"
end journalResume

OK now… in stack "Journal" (think of it like a super robust history of user's 
activities ala OLP child system)

we have this

dispatch "journalresume" to stack tEntryA["module"] with tDataA, tEntryA

which in this case will be

dispatch "journalresume" to stack "gems" with tDataA, tEntryA

which when fired, triggers the


handler in stack "gems"

*even though it is not open*

how can that be?

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