J. Landman Gay wrote:

I just got a developer email about a revision to Google's policies for apps on Google Play. Google will not allow apps that download executable code, similar to Apple's policy. It sounds like that includes stack content downloaded via a "launcher" app.


Good to know - thanks.

There *might* be some wiggle room here:

  This restriction does not apply to code that runs in a virtual
  machine and has limited access to Android APIs (such as JavaScript
  in a webview or browser).

Whether or not Google would agree that LC is a sort of "VM" is anyone's guess, but LC Script is limited to LC's APIs and scripts can't extend an app's permissions beyond what the user has already allowed for the app.

I wouldn't bet the farm on their interpretation, but I know some developers using a wide range of scripting languages that have been deploying with data+script download updates for years, even on iOS. I'm not recommending it, just noting that apparently within the confines of the LC VM such things are either not obviously noticeable or not a concern for the reviewer.

Of course any app that violates any of the other policies outlined on that page will be dumped ASAP, regardless of how they handle updates. So folks, don't write jerk apps and let's keep things safe and user-friendly.

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