I have an app that stores data to a mysql database on my server. It works fine 
in the IDE and in the iPhone simulator. However, when I load the app onto the 
iPhone, the saved data is corrupted.

I am saving an array. The array is saved in a big string that has been base64 

When saving, I do:

put arrayEncode(tArray) into tData

put base64encode(tData) into xData

put urlEncode(xData) into xData

xData is sent to the db

When I read back the data, I do the inverse:


The base64 data on the db is different when I store it from the iPhone. I can 
see this with Navicat, which I use for db management. So, the problem is in the 
storing of the data. 

What the heck? I am just using a post command to a php script that writes to 
the db.

Why would the iPhone data that is sent be different from that sent in the 

Mac OSX 10.12.4, Livecode 8.1.4 (rc2) and XCode 8.3.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
Bill P.

William A. Prothero

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