Thanks for those that answered about the problem I was having with FTP. It was 
the URLEncode issue that was tripping me up. 

However, I’m changing gears as I hadn’t realized that I could not ftp directly 
into a htmlpublic directory on On-Rev. Ultimately I am trying to just create a 
little iOS app that will allow me upload and image and create a simple html 
page to display the image.

I have been using the LiveCode tutorial here: “How do I use LiveCode graphics 
features server-side?” 

I can’t get this to work the “start session” included in the script?

The example starts:
start session
## enter the image file into our $_SESSION if one's just been uploaded
if $_FILES["imagefile"] is not empty then
          put url("binfile:" & $_FILES["imagefile"]["filename"]) into 
end if
if $_SESSION["imagedata"] is empty then
          printForm ## no image has been uploaded so display the form to upload 
          create image “myImage” …


If I take the “start session” out, the server script works, sort of…as I think 
it will upload the image, but because there is no session, you can’t manipulate 
the image.

Has anybody got this example to work? I have tried moving the “start session” 
around to different areas of the server script, but that does not seem to work 

Thank you!
John Patten

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