Was just testing something and needed to look up a function in the dictionary. 
As can often happen, especially when you frequently alternate between using one 
and two monitors, the top of the dictionary window was underneath the macOS 
menubar. To fix that in the past I would do something on the lines of put the 
windows, figure out that the window is called revDictionary, then set the top 
of window revDictionary to 100.

In Sierra there is the tab bar area in each window, which lets you dock windows 
together. When you drag that area you get a translucent thumbnail image of the 
window, and if you release when not on top of another window it has the effect 
of moving the window to that location. Which means that if the titlebar of a 
window is under the system menu, but you can grab the tab bar, you can quickly 
move the window fully into view.
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