The more libs/behaviors we use the more we are passing params that reference 

This fails

put "graphic portal-title-bkgnd" into pObject
setGradient pObject

command setGradient pObject
local tNewGradientArray
# be careful when cutting and paste to and from email
# tabs may get replace by spaces:
put "from   208,-201|mirror false|quality       good|ramp          
0.13000,255,255,255,0" &\
return into tNewGradientArray
put "0.62001,60,11,9,212|repeat 1|to  208,-304|type    linear|via   
536,-201|wrap  true" \
after tNewGradientArray
split tNewGradientArray by "|" and tab
set the fillGradient of pObject to tNewGradientArray #breaks with error hereā€¦
end setGradient

but this works

put "graphic portalTitleBkgnd" into pObject

Why? and what is best practice where one needs to refer to objects

via a parameter
via Send
Vis Dispatch

etc. my code tends to waffle all over the place with methods for doing this.

One does not expect this to be improperly evaluated

put "graphic portal-title-bkgnd" into pObject

What do you do? And why?


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