I have a tab and cr delimited table of data, a sample line of which is


The last tab delimited item "1,4052,3,2388" is actually <Starting Page
Number>,<Starting Position On Page>,<Ending Page Number>,<Ending
Position On Page>

So the starting page number is 1 and ending page is 3

I have a variable pPage which contain a page number, say "2"

My regex filter, that was crafted by someone else, needs to find (filter
to just) all lines starting on page 2 OR ending on page 2 OR containing
page 2 (ie, pPage is >= starting page and <= ending page)

My existing filter, below, matched lines with starting page number and
ending page numbers but not line with page numbers between the start and

into tMatchPattern
  filter lines of tCiCData with regex pattern tMatchPattern

Can someone help me revise this regex to match what I need?

Thank you kindly, in advance.

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