Please excuse for the 2nd post. I forgot to enter a subject.


i´ve already posted it to the forum 

but in case you are not reading the forum:

I´ve created a little stack and two livecode server scripts that allow to 
upload a file to a web server running livecode server version 8 or higher. 

After successful upload the download url of the uploaded file is copied to the 
clipboard for sharing purposes. 
The stack has a little filemanager included which  allows to get the d/l url 
for older uploaded files  and it allows to delete older files which are not 
needed anymore

The stack uses Bernd Niggeman´s  Gauge widget for showing the upload progress. 
See his post about this really cool widget

There are only minimal adjustments needed in the stack script of the livecode 
stack to get it running with your web server.

The archive contains the livecode stack, 2 livecode server scripts, the .lcb 
file for the Gauge widget, an installation guide for the Widget and a readme 

I´ve tested it with Livecode 8.1.4 and Livecode server 8.1.2.

Please do yourself a favour and read the file 'PLEASE Read Me First!.txt'  

Hope it´s of some use for the one or the other



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